The Election Reform Candidate

No Dark Money. No Lobbyists. No Russian Agents.

We rely on small contributions from everyday people like you. Join us in bringing the message of election reform to Georgia!

My name is Smythe DuVal

I am running to be your next Georgia Secretary of State. I have lived in Marietta for past 20 years, I am a dad to two wonderful teen boys.  

My professional background is in information technology, project management, and a registered nurse. In addition to running this citizen campaign, I am completing my Masters in Information Technology at Kennesaw State University.

I offer IT management & security experience

Election security is a huge issue for Georgia and the country in 2018. As the former IT Director for a large medical practice, I am the only SOS candidate that has practical experience in managing Information Technology as well as with defending the business from cyber attacks. Georgia voters would benefit from a leader with relevant industry and life experience in the Secretary of State office.

The Democrats & Republicans are either unable or unwilling to address the country's most pressing problems. It's time we voters do something about it.

I am Independent of the D's & R's

In 2018 we are dangerously divided as a country. Extreme partisanship comes at the expense of doing what's best for the country. The Democrats & Republicans are either unable or unwilling to address the country's most pressing problems in such a way that helps us out of this stuck place. My opponents are men of integrity. However, they are heavily burdened with maintaining the corrupt two-party system. They can't simultaneously serve their respective parties and do what's right for Georgia voters. Alternatively, I am not beholden to party leadership here in Georgia or Washington DC.As Secretary of State, I will provide the leadership to bring meaningful election reform to Georgia. 

I offer impartial, unbiased, & fair leadership to ALL Georgians

I am independent of the major parties, their leadership, and the lobbyists. I am the best choice for managing voter registration, voting machine procurement, and elections. I am not using this office as a stepping stone to Governor. As Secretary of State I offer impartial, unbiased, and fair leadership to all Georgians regardless of their political affiliation.

Let's Do Something BIG Together 

It's time we as voters do something about our situation. I am running for office as a citizen candidate because I could not sit on the sidelines any longer. I am offering you the opportunity to change the conversation, to engage, to support election reform as the best next step to addressing our countries problems. Join me and let's do something BIG together. With your help, Georgia could lead the nation in providing a way out of our awful political situation. Support my campaign to bring the message of election reform. Like & Share my Facebook campaign page, follow me on Twitter, make a generous donation, volunteer. Let's do this! ;-)

Take Action

"It's not a blue wave or a red wave. It's a wave of Georgians fed up with partisanship, corruption, and money in politics...and it's coming."

Smythe DuVal for Georgia Secretary of State