Meet Smythe DuVal

The Best Choice for Georgia Secretary of State

Smythe DuVal is the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State of Georgia. He is a 20-year resident of Marietta, a veteran, a Registered Nurse, and a former IT Director for a large medical practice. He is a dad to two wonderful teenage boys.

Smythe has been passionate about election & voting system reform since 2000. He chose to run for office this year because he couldn't stay on the sidelines any longer. He is offering Georgia citizens the chance for genuine change. 

Soldier, Computer geek, Registered Nurse, IT Director

Upon graduating from high school, Smythe enlisted in the US Army for the GI Bill. He earned his BA degree from Oglethorpe University. Personal computers were his hobby. His first "real" job was configuring PC's at the IBM Corporation. 

Like many Americans, the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a turning point for Smythe. He also yearned for a flexible career schedule that provided him the life-balance to raise his young children. He responded by leaving corporate America to serve, to become a Registered Nurse. Working as an inpatient RN, Smythe came face-to-face with the issues of Georgia citizens from all walks of life. 

Years later, he combined his RN and IT experience to become the IT Director for a large medical practice. He is the only SOS candidate with IT management and cybersecurity risk management experience. Smythe will complete his MSIT from Kennesaw State University in December 2018.

Citizen candidate -- Radically independent of the two major parties

Smythe, along with the Libertarian Party of Georgia, are reaching out to independent-minded voters. Together they are advocating for election reform. Smythe is dedicated to bringing election reform for the benefit of all voters regardless of their political affiliations. Smythe is radically independent of the R's & D's, he will serve in the best interests of voters. Smythe is the best choice for Georgia Secretary of State.

We ask for your support. If our campaign speaks to you, help us out in any way that you can. On November 6th, vote for Smythe DuVal, Georgia Secretary of State.

Election reform won't get done without you!

We rely on small contributions from everyday people. Help me bring the message of election reform to Georgia!

Smythe DuVal for Georgia Secretary of State