Meet Smythe DuVal

Citizen Candidate

Smythe DuVal is the Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State of Georgia. He is a 20-year resident of Marietta, a veteran, a Registered Nurse, and works in the medical IT field. He is a dad to two wonderful teenage boys.

Smythe has been passionate about election & voting system reform since 2000. He decided to run because he could not stay on the sidelines any longer. He is offering Georgia citizens leadership that is independent of the two major parties. 

Soldier, Computer geek, Registered Nurse, IT Director

Smythe graduated from Briarcliff High School and enlisted in the United States Army. Upon returning to Georgia he joined the Georgia National Guard and attended Oglethorpe University, earning a BA degree in American Studies. Although a liberal arts major, his hobby was personal computers. His first "real" job after college, he was hired by the IBM Corporation to configure computing equipment for the disabled. The large corporation culture allowed him to hone his communications skills, however, the attraction of the craze drew him to smaller technology-driven start-ups during the late 1990s.

Like many Americans, the 9/11 terrorist attacks were a turning point for Smythe. As a veteran, he was aware of the impact that war would have on not only him but on others around him. It was a pivotal moment, he had a few choices: he could join the war, he could protest the war, or he could do something completely different and maybe make a difference in his life and the life of others. He responded by leaving his corporate job to become a Registered Nurse. He worked as an inpatient RN for the next several years. And in doing this, he became keenly aware of the issues facing Georgia citizens from all walks of life. 

Nine years later, he married his skills as an RN with his IT professional experience to become the IT Director for a large medical practice. Smythe continues his education today as he studies for his Master’s Degree in IT from Kennesaw State University.

Radically independent of the two major parties

Smythe became suspicious of the two-party system during the 1996 election where popular candidate Ross Perot was denied access to the nationally-televised Presidential Debates. He learned grassroots organizing and later represented the 6th congressional district as a delegate to the 2000 Reform Party Presidential convention.

He participated in various election-reform initiatives in the 2000s as an Independent and volunteered for a Libertarian campaign in 2014. Smythe has become a (novice) expert on ballot access equality, voting machine security, and redistricting reform, as well as other election reform issues.


Running this year as the "Election Reform Candidate" is the next right move for him. Regardless of the election results, he is clear-minded, focused, on what has to be done to get our country on the right track. Election reform is the best next step. He is dedicated to building a coalition in Georgia to advocate and enact election reform.

Election reform won't get done without you!

We rely on small contributions from everyday people. Help me bring the message of election reform to Georgia!

Smythe DuVal for Georgia Secretary of State