Ranked Choice Voting makes Sense for Georgia

Ranked Choice Voting saves taxpayers a LOT of money! RCV for Georgia is a no-brainer!

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21st Century Gerrymandering is no Joke

21st-century gerrymandering is no joke. Why is it a BIG problem now? The answer is supercomputers, incredibly powerful mapping software, BIG data, and predictable voter behavior.

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Voter Fraud

All this rhetoric of voter fraud is intended to rile up voter emotions, pander for votes, and distract from them from bigger issues. The real voter fraud is gerrymandering and it's perpetrated on Georgia voters by the majority party in power...

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Voting Machines

Georgia voting systems are at a high-risk for being compromised. Georgia’s voting machines are antiquated, hackable, and need replacing. However, lobbyists have been pushing a solution that is not only expensive...

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Increase Political Competition with Ballot Access Equality!

In 2016, 4 out of 5 Georgia House members did not face an opponent in the Nov General election. And yet GA law requires independent candidates gather thousands of petition signatures to get their name on the ballot...

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Why not Same-Day Voter Registration?

Current Georgia law requires a voter to register at least 28 days before an election in order to be eligible to vote. This cutoff is arbitrary. There is no justifiable reason for denying any Georgia citizen their right to vote.

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Professional Licensing Regulations Need Overhaul!

Georgia should be encouraging business, make it easy to start a business or get a job. Unfortunately, when it comes to professional licensing, it has not turned out that way. Special interests have...

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Support Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits

The re-election rate in US Congress is well over 90%. When politicians no longer fear losing an election, they stop representing the people. I will lobby the GA Legislature to pass the US Term Limits resolution for Congressional term limits.

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Election reform won't get done without you!

We rely on small contributions from everyday people. Help me bring the message of election reform to Georgia!

Smythe DuVal for Georgia Secretary of State