J. Smythe DuVal Announces Run for Secretary of State

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J. Smythe DuVal announces run for Secretary of State

The Libertarian candidate seeks to reform Georgia elections

Atlanta, Georgia, January 22, 2018 -- J. Smythe DuVal of Cobb County announced his intention to seek the Libertarian nomination for Secretary of State. Mr. DuVal expects to receive the nomination at the Libertarian Party State Convention on February 3rd. He will become the first statewide candidate to qualify for the November ballot.

J. Smythe DuVal has been passionate about election reform since 2000. His campaign is advocating for cost-effective, competitive, and fair elections. DuVal is a U.S. Army veteran, a Registered Nurse, a former IT Director, and has a career in the medical IT field. DuVal is the father of two wonderful teenagers; he has lived in Cobb County for 20 years.

DuVal states, “Our election system is broken. I will advocate for leading edge, common-sense, solutions that would transform our election system. As a Secretary of State who is independent of the major parties, I could offer fair, partisan-neutral solutions that would benefit all parties involved—especially the voters. The Republicans and Democrats have demonstrated that they are no longer willing or able to conduct themselves for the greater good. I offer Georgians the opportunity to get our democracy back on track.”

DuVal’s priorities include addressing the most troubling issues facing our election system. Today’s computer processing power has made extreme gerrymandering a possibility in Georgia and across the United States. DuVal is advocating that Georgia follow the lead of six other states by taking redistricting out of the legislature and delegating it to an Independent Redistricting Commission.

His campaign is highlighting the need to replace old, obsolete, and unsecure Georgia voting machines. He advocates for voter machines with optical-scan technology, a proven technology that has been deployed by a majority of states. Optical scan technology is far less expensive than touch-screen systems, more secure, and provides a mechanism for determining voter intention during a recount.

DuVal is also advocating for expanding voter registration. Georgia law requires that voters must register to vote 28 days before an election. This cut-off deadline is arbitrary. Fifteen states offer their citizens the opportunity to register to vote on election day. DuVal is advocating to bring Same-Day-Voter-Registration to Georgia.

DuVal is sympathetic to concerns that VoterID requirements appear to suppress minority-voter participation. He proposes creating a system of providing voters the opportunity to register to vote and receive the free VoterID card by U.S. mail. He states, “If the United States can issue a passport by mail, then Georgia could provide a VoterID by mail”.

Georgia run-off elections are expensive, costing the state and local municipalities millions of dollars. DuVal will advocate for Ranked Choice Voting as a means to consolidate the general election and the run-offs. Voters benefit by not having to attend a separately-scheduled run-off election, saving them both time and tax dollars.

Most Georgia legislative elections are not competitive. A staggering 8 out of 10 Georgia legislative incumbents do not face a challenger in the general election. DuVal states that “non-competitive elections adversely impact our sense of community and the wellness of our democracy. Alternatively, spirited campaigns offer citizens the opportunity to engage civically, to discuss issues, and participate in governance. Competitive elections are vital to a functioning democracy”. In addition to Ranked Choice Voting, DuVal advocates for increasing election competition by reducing ballot access barriers for minor party and independent candidates.

Many of DuVal’s proposals come out of “The Fair Representation Act”, a bill in Congress that would enact Redistricting Commissions and Ranked Choice Voting across the United States. DuVal says he is “looking forward to meeting voters and discussing meaningful election reform, solutions that would benefit all Americans regardless of their political affiliation.

The views expressed herein reflect the candidate’s personal opinions and do not represent the views of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.


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